Queen Kay & others discuss The Unstoppable Woman

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Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Queen Kay to Conversations LIVE to discuss her new project The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being.  Joining Queen Kay and Webb for the first part of the show will be contributors Rita Rocker, Kimberly Middleton, Jennifer Engle, Susan Tolles, Cynthia Fitch & Katia Steilemann.At 20 min. past the hour contributors Debbie De Jager, Luz N. Adams, Darlene Templeton,  Tamela Douglas-Bland, Dr. Evelyn Hudson & Da-Nay Macklin. Finally beginning at 40 min. past the hour contributors Colleen Lindberg, Cene Block, Debra Clark, Andre Nkem Denchukwu and Erika Gilchrist will be on the show sharing what they hope readers get from the book. This is one powerful hour you don’t want to miss.

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Queen Kay Interview with Say What News





Life can throw many over whelming unexpected life altering events your way that can tear you down and break you. It’s how you rise from the ashes that make you strong and triumph like a champion. Queen Kay, a rising new author wrote about her inspiring story and SayWhatNews sat down and spoke with her in-depth about her darkest hours and how she overcame them to write her first novel….

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QueenKay On New Book, Love and Moving Forward





Interview by Dr. Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher, USAfrica & CLASSmagazine, Houston: Congratulations on your first book to  be released in a few days, this August 2011. Please tell the readers of USAfrica and CLASSmagazine about what motivated the writing of the book, The Reconstruction and Transformation of QueenKay…

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Queen Kay: Interview With A Rising Star





An entrepreneur, a mother and a star on the rise, Queen Kay has defied all odds to become the stellar woman that she is today. A survivor of sexual abuse and tragic loss, Queen Kay penned the book, The Reconstruction and Transformation of Queen Kay, to prove that women can achieve a lot through faith and perseverance. This heartfelt work reveals how she broke through her fears to achieve personal and professional success. Recently Drumtide had the opportunity to interview her about her life and work.

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Breaking Free – w/ QUEENKAY





A video/radio interview with QUEENKAY

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Rising Above The Ashes





It’s been four plus years since the love of my life took his last breath as I held him in my arms. The “sexiest” man alive as I fondly called him died of bone marrow cancer. He was such a courageous human being. Following the diagnosis in early 2006 and a successful transplant later that year, we thought for sure he had defied the odds.

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