Overview of QUEENKAY:

QueenKay is a mother of two young boys, Chika and Lota. She moved to the United States from Nigeria when she was 18-years-old. After living in the Washington, DC area for a few years, she relocated to Los Angeles, California. Her desire to realize her creative passions led her to Hollywood. However, she soon found herself taking a detour to follow her heart’s pathway. She found love and got married but her real-life, fairytale romance ended tragically. Ironically, though, the end of her romance heralded the beginning of her reconstruction and transformation; the very catalyst of her autobiography. Queenkay is an entrepreneur, writer, enthusiast, and an optimist.

An Author:

The book is based on my life story. The most compelling part of the story is meeting, falling in love and losing my late husband to cancer and how I have risen above the ashes and not just surviving but making a pact with myself to thrive through the grace of God. The title came to me in a dream. I had been struggling with what name to give this book which had so much to do with rebuilding the chattered pieces of my life. Through writing it, I not only was under construction but my mind was being transformed in the process.

A Businesswoman:

QUEENKAY is the owner of the African Caribbean Food Market, fondly known as Man Must Wak. It has been a Bay area favorite since 1998, founded by the late Charles Amamgbo. Man Must Wak has grown into the Bay Area’s premier destination for authentic African and Caribbean produce and spices. Much more than just an African Caribbean Food Market, Man Must Wak has become more like the heart of the community to many of its loyal customers. Conveniently located at 547 8th Street, on the corner of 8th and Clay streets in downtown Oakland, African Caribbean Food Market is your home away from home.

An Entrepreneur:

I am a multifaceted Entrepreneur. I moved to the US when I was 18 from Nigeria, West Africa. After living in the Washington DC Metro area for a few years I relocated to Los Angeles, California. I had Hollywood on my radar, but I found myself having a major detour when I moved to Oakland, California after meeting, falling in love and marrying Charles Amamgbo. But the fairytale romance ended tragically after many twists and turns. But this is where the story is just beginning......

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