I would like to take you on a journey of love, loss, hopes, dreams, desire, inspiration, humor, life, and seeing/moving beyond the past hurts and how one can bloom into something even more beautiful than we could ever dream or imagine. With God all things are possible.





Join QueenKay on Her Journey Through Life, Love, Grief & Survival. The Reconstruction & Transformation of QUEENKAY

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  • "Queenkay is, no doubt, a barrier breaker and line crosser. She has intestinal fortitude and ovarian audacity. Queen reminds us that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way. If you do not, you will find an excuse. I stand and salute her for choosing to win, no matter what!" - Charles Emeka
  • The Reconstruction & Transformation of QUEENKAY - This is the story of my life; how I loved and lost and how I am rebuilding and transforming from a girl from an unstable middle-class beginning in Nigeria into young adulthood in America, I became a mother and businesswoman, and survived the tragic loss of my husband.

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In THE RECONSTRUCTION AND TRANSFORMATION OF QUEENKAY we are able to see how the events in her life have not only brought her to a truer sense of her purpose but given her a new outlook on life and her role in it. There is nothing like loving and losing that love, especially when you have built your happiness and so much of your world around it. What Kay reminds us of is that no matter who we might have lost if they truly loved us, then they would want us to spend each day actually LIVING. It's not easy, but it's something you have to be able to do especially when you have others that need you.

Cyrus A. Webb

Touching! Heart Clenching! REAL!!!!


I have not read a novel from start to finish for many years, but this book caught my attention, from the first sentence, I was mesmorized..., I felt every emotion possible from happiness, sadness, shock, and only put the book down when the tears started to flow. This book is about true survival. I believe everyone who reads this book will be inspired to keep pushing. It is a story about picking up the pieces when everything is taken from you. You will find yourself cheering for this young lady, her mother and her young boys..

Loretta E.



From the moment I picked up this book and began reading, I could relate with the author, having lost my husband almost 7 years ago to cancer. The pain,anguish and utter confusion felt when one loses a loved one is articulately written by the author. I was spellbound and captivated by the author's strong desire and inner conviction to choose and follow the man she loved despite all odds. Being African (Nigerian) from the eastern parts, I understand to some degree what the author had to endure, when your own family is convinced that being with the man you love is a taboo. This book is a must read as it is about love,tragedy, determination and a young woman's strong faith in God to rise above the ashes of her 'Life' and rebuild it.

Ebere Ukah

This book really touched my soul! QueenKay is the epitome of a strong woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend. I sobbed in many parts of this book and I'm not easy to cry. Thank you QueenKay for showing me how to be strong even in the most hopeless of times. You are blessed!!! Can't wait for part 2, I'll be first in line!!

Uzo O.

True Story of Triumph


I recently finished this book and was left in tears (of awe, sadness, and joy). Everyone has struggles and problems of their own, but this story describes such things that many of us can not imagine. One woman was able to conquer so many difficulties and still rise, with a smile on her face. I enjoyed the book from cover to cover and faced a few of my own demons along the way. It is a great story of love, anger, misery, joy, and forgiveness.

– Nnegbo

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